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A Formula You Can’t Seem to Get Enough of! | theatrical dining in Dubai

Dubai’s dinner and performance scene is located between supper and clubbing. It provides another engaging layer to the city’s social dining scene by combining exquisite fun dining with a stunning choice of live entertainment. Visit Play Restaurant to experience the best theatrical dining in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

From the moment you enter Play Live Restaurant, prepare to be struck by an atmosphere of effortless indulgence combined with the most redefined live entertainment. Play is a lavish late-dinner night dinner and show restaurant located at H Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Road, Trade Center 1, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Play Restaurant has been meticulously created to provide a sumptuous theatrical dining experience in Dubai with regal finishings designed for the client’s comfort. The nighttime show at Play has a wow factor all of its own and has been thoroughly prepared to give a flawless presentation. Expect to be delighted all night long from Monday until Sunday, starting at 8 pm until 3 am by a talented lineup of singers, dancers, and more, adding to the magic of theatrical dining in Dubai.

A popular selection of traditional Dubai delicacies, including a raw bar, sushi, Wagyu striploin, and black cod, is served in this chic restaurant at the top of the H Hotel. Immerse yourself in theatrical dining in Dubai, where you can now anticipate a consistent rotation of live performances in addition to the amazing food, ranging from solo singers belting out pop songs to aerial acts spinning around a hoop as a live violinist plays.

Your Stage for Theatrical Dining in Dubai!

On Mondays, you can enjoy their well-known “Shades of Play” midnight brunch, with packages starting at AED 450. Elevate your week with the renowned “Shades of Play” midnight brunch, an experience like no other. Let the night come alive with a feast that tantalizes your senses and a lively atmosphere that keeps you entertained until the early hours.

On Wednesdays, you can experience the sophisticated allure of “Vertigo Brunch”. Delight in an array of carefully crafted dishes while enjoying the stunning views of Dubai’s skyline. While it can be difficult to look away from the breathtaking vistas, you’ll want to focus on the stage once the entertainment starts, adding electrifying energy to your midweek theatrical dining experience in Dubai. Indulge in the epitome of theatrical dining in Dubai and let your taste buds dance to the rhythm of eclectic flavors and mesmerizing performances.

If you want to have your dinner with a side of drama and pizzazz, we’ve got just the ticket!

Unveiling Culinary Drama in Every Bite

Welcome to Play Restaurant, where your dining experience transcends the ordinary. Step into a world of exquisite flavors and let your taste buds embark on a journey like no other. At Play, we redefine dining with our innovative approach, presenting the perfect blend of Mediterranean and Asian influences in a culinary phenomenon we proudly call “Mediterrasian”. Here, “Mediterrasian” isn’t just a fusion of cuisines; it’s a celebration of diverse tastes and cultural amalgamation. Immerse yourself in the magic of Mediterrasian cuisine, a tantalizing blend that leaves a lasting impression. Come, indulge in the theatrical dining in Dubai, where every bite is a performance and every meal is a masterpiece. Join us at Play, where extraordinary flavors take the center stage in this vibrant culinary show!

Dive into Play Restaurant’s Special Menu in Dubai

At Play Restaurant, prepare your taste buds for a gastronomic adventure with our extraordinary special menu. Begin with amazing starters like the enticing “Tempura Ebi Yōkai” or the refreshing “Crispy Duck Salad.” The journey continues as you explore our raw bar delicacies, including the delightful “Yellowtail Tataki,” followed by a tempting assortment of uramaki rolls like the indulgent “Gold Digger Maki.” For sushi enthusiasts, our sashimi, nigiri, and sushi platters present a symphony of flavors. Our main courses boast culinary marvels such as “The 76 Hours” and the sensational “Tomahawks by Play,” accompanied by equally enticing options like “Barrels by Play” and a variety of vegetarian dishes. To complete your theatrical dining experience in Dubai, relish our special desserts that will leave a sweet, lasting note. Indulge in this culinary extravaganza at Play Restaurant and let your taste buds applaud!

Your Best Theatrical Dining Spot in Dubai

Step into Play Restaurant, and you’re not just stepping into a dining experience—you’re stepping into a performance. Imagine a place where your taste buds dance to the rhythm of live music and your senses are heightened by the graceful movements of talented dancers. At Play, dining is an art form, and live performances are at the heart of it all. As you relish our unique Mediterrasian cuisine, the restaurant comes alive with live musicians, creating an ambiance that’s electric and engaging. Each act is a story, and every dish is a character, coming together to create a night of theatrical wonder. It’s more than a meal; it’s a captivating show that makes every visit to Play an unforgettable night out.

Sip and Savor

In addition to our culinary delights, Play Restaurant presents a captivating array of special beverages and shishas to elevate your dining experience. Sip on crafted cocktails curated to perfection, offering a symphony of flavors that complement our dishes seamlessly. For those seeking a more traditional touch, our shishas come in an array of exotic flavors, each puff a journey of relaxation and indulgence. Whether you’re in the mood for a unique beverage blend or a flavorful shisha, Play Restaurant ensures your thirst is quenched and your senses are delighted, creating a truly unforgettable dining affair.

Play Restaurant & Lounge, Floor 36, The H Hotel, 8 pm to 3 am daily. Tel: (0)4 336 4444.

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